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Homeowners Association Dues

Payment by Automatic Withdrawal (No Fee)

For homeowners wishing to schedule free automatic withdrawal of HOA dues from your bank account, visit and fill out the form provided under "Automatic Withdrawal".  By selecting this option, you authorize Cardinal Management Group, Inc., on behalf of the Association, to automatically debit the amount of the assessment from your bank account.  Payments will be deducted from your bank account between the first and tenth of each month in which the assessment is due.

Payment by Mail (No Fee)

Cardinal Management Group also accepts payments of HOA dues by mail, without any fee.  If you choose this option, you are requested to send a check to the address below using your online bill pay or with your payment coupon.  Please allow 7-10 business days for mailing and processing. The check should be made payable to your association to the following address:

Cardinal Management Group, Inc.
P.O. Box 52358
Phoenix, AZ 85072

Payment by Third Party

Unfortunately, while CIT offers several methods of payment, you may want to consider payment via "eCheck" as this will be the cheapest method costing $1.95 per transaction.  Please note that the HOA has no control over nor does the Association in any way benefit from convenience fees.  To reduce the impact of the convenience fee, and if you have the ability to pay in advance, consider selecting "Quarterly", "Semi-Annual", or "Annual" as your scheduled frequency.  Note: Don't forget to update any saved links and bookmarks to reflect the new website.  For further assistance, please call CIT at 866-800-4656 or email them at

What do our HOA Dues pay?

When you bought your home, you became part of a common interest community.  As a result, you’re required to share the costs of maintaining and operating your community’s common areas, shared amenities, and vendor services – things that support the Association’s operations and enhancing owner property values. These services are covered by your homeowners’ association fees, which each unit owner must pay.

HOA dues are set by the Board of Directors, who determine each owner’s share based on projected annual expenses and the short-term goals of the community. Board members do not profit from HOA fees; they are homeowners just like you and obligated to pay them like all owners. 

Specifically, owner dues cover the following administrative & vendor services: 

  • Community Management

  • "Bad Debt" (i.e unpaid dues & fines)

  • Printing, Postage, & Mail Fees

  • Legal & Accounting Services

  • Reserve Studies and Annual Reports

  • Community Insurance and Taxes

  • Contingency & Reserve Funds

  • Community Snow Removal, Lawn care & Landscaping

  • Water Shed & Pond Maintenance

  • Utilities, Waste & Recycling

  • Gazebo, Tot Lot, and Walking Trails

  • Road Maintenance

  • Insect and Pest control


So, while some people may consider HOA dues an unnecessary expense or burdensome, they’re vital to enhance your lifestyle and keep your community clean, safe, beautiful and financially stable – while protecting your property values.

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