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Trash & Recycling

For Hazardous Waste, click here: Household Hazardous Waste | Loudoun County, VA - Official Website

The Greenfield Crossing HOA has contracted with Patriot Disposal to provide trash and recycling services for our community. 


DISCLAIMER: So that we may serve you better, the following information has been provided by Patriot Disposal and is subject to change.  For the most accurate and up-to-date trash and recycling information regarding your personal residence please visit Patriot Disposal or call (703) 257-7100. All fees stated below are NOT included in your monthly HOA dues and must be paid directly to Patriot Disposal.


Service Days: Trash will be collected weekly on Monday and Thursday; recycling will be collected on Thursday. Please stage all items at the curb the night before or by 6:00 a.m. on your pickup day. Yard Waste will be picked up on Thursdays starting in April and will run through the first week in December. Please note that this schedule is subject to change during the holiday season.

Storage: On non-collection days, trash and recycling bins must be removed from the curb and shielded from public view. Single Family Homes may have a trash enclosure made of vinyl on the side of the house set back 4 feet from the front plane of the house.  Please read the ARB Guidelines for more detail or contact the Architectural Review Board at for any questions.

Containers: Each residence will receive one 96-gallon wheeled trash container and one 64-gallon wheeled recycling container. If you did not receive a container, residents can call (703) 257-7100 to request a container. Homeowners are responsible for the care and cleaning of their containers . There is a $75.00 replacement fee for each 96-gallon Toter and a $50.00 replacement fee for each 64-gallon Toter that is lost, stolen, or damaged by any means other than normal wear and tear. Additional Toters are available for a one-time fee of $25.00. Container fees must be prepaid by the homeowner prior to delivery.

Company Policy: All trash must be placed in a Patriot Disposal Toter, standard covered trash cans or in heavy-duty plastic trash bags, secured tightly, and placed at the curb in front of, or behind, your home. Containers cannot weigh more than 50 lbs. or they will not be emptied. The following items should NOT be placed in containers or bags at any time: rocks, concrete, dirt, soil, sod, tree stumps, construction debris, brick, or landscaping timbers. Collection of these items may be provided for an additional charge.

County Regulations: The following items will NOT be collected: liquids of any kind, asbestos, ammunition, fuel tanks, hazardous, radioactive, infectious or medical waste, petroleum contaminated soil, dead animals, manure, dangerous acids, caustics, explosives, or other dangerous material or items too large or too heavy to be loaded safely into the collection vehicles.

Recycling: Recyclable materials will be collected weekly on Thursday. Recyclable materials include newspapers, magazines, catalogs, books, mixed paper, cereal boxes and similar, flattened cardboard no larger than 4' x 4', glass bottles and jars, aluminum and metal food and beverage containers, and plastic bottles, jugs and containers. The recycling method is "single-stream" which allows for the co-mingling of all recyclable materials in the recycling container. If you did not receive a recycling bin or Toter, please call (703) 257-7100 to receive a container.

Special Items: Special items will be collected weekly. Special items include white goods (appliances), furniture and other large items. Special items that will be collected and recycled include scrap metal (grills, bicycles, swings, chairs), small electronics (computers, monitors, small TVs, small printers, VCRs, DVD/CD players, etc.), motor oil, tires and car batteries. Advance notice is required for the collection of all special items except for small furniture and mattresses which can be placed at the curb with the regular trash. Please call (703) 257-7100 to schedule a special pickup. Items that are extremely large or heavy, will be collected for a minimum tee of $35.00. TVs or monitors larger than 19'' will be picked up for a minimum fee of $35.00; tires will be picked up for a minimum fee of $35.00 each. Carpeting will be priced for pickup on a case-by-case basis, depending on the quantity. Special items scheduled for pickup that are not out on the scheduled pickup day will be re-scheduled for pick up at the request of the homeowner for a $35.00 fee which must be prepaid prior to removal. All fees for special pickups must be prepaid by the homeowner prior to removal. Please note fees are subject to change.

Holidays: Service will be provided on all holidays except for Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. When a designated collection day falls on one of these holidays, service will resume on the next regularly-scheduled collection day.

Inclement Weather: In the event that inclement weather prevents Patriot Disposal from providing service on a regularly-scheduled collection day, service will resume on the next regularly-scheduled collection day, road conditions permitting.

Road Conditions: Patriot Disposal will not provide services for any homes located on roads that are deemed impassable due to construction, construction vehicles, parked cars, or other obstructions or conditions. Uncollected items will be removed on the next regularly-scheduled collection day, road conditions permitting.

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